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Bruce W. Kaser, CFA

Bruce W. Kaser, CFA

Bruce brings to The Turnaround Letter over 25 years of equity investing experience managing institutional portfolios, mutual funds, and private client accounts. He has led two successful investment platform turnarounds, headed RBC Global Asset Management’s $1.0 billion Boston-based value/core equity platform and was principal of a $3 billion employee-owned investment management firm. Prior to The Turnaround Letter, he was Portfolio Manager with Ironwood Investment Management where he co-founded and managed the Ironwood Event-Driven Small/Midcap Value strategy, an innovative long-only, low-turnover equity strategy focusing on event-driven companies. Mr. Kaser has been quoted in The New York Times, The Gartman Letter, The Wall Street Transcript and in web articles by Fox Business, US News & World Report and Interactive Brokers. Mr. Kaser earned an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance with Honors from Miami University (Ohio). He is a CFA charterholder.

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Opportunities in Busted IPOs

In our August 2017 article about initial public offerings (IPOs), we wrote about the stren...

Rebound stock ideas related to the Coronavirus

The Turnaround Letter focuses on longer-term turnarounds, usually with 2-3 year horizons, ...

Mark Twain and The Value of History

History can teach investors how to interpret media commentary on stocks Here at New Genera...

Private Equity and the Eclipse of the Public Markets

Michael Jensen’s 1989 article in Harvard Business Review, “The Eclipse of the Public Corpo...

Turnaround Investing Philosophy: 33 Years Later, Some Things Never Change

Recently I was asked how my investing perspective changed over the 32 years of publishing ...

Sell When They Want to Buy; Buy When They Want to Sell

Investors know that it’s always easier to sell a stock when it is going up--the more peopl...

Don't be Trendy!

Turnaround investors must be especially wary of trendy sectors. Recently, this has been de...

Don't Try to Time the Market

There is an old saying in the investment business: “You can always tell the market-timers:...

Convertible Bonds & Value Investing

Convertible bonds are an attractive vehicle for investors who want equity-like returns but...

Recommended Read in "Barron's" on Price Targets

In last week's edition of Barron's, ("Do Wall Street Stock Price Targets Really Matter? Wh...

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